Let’s Get Lost

A surprise you were as you knocked me off my feet
So much that it caught me off guard and I realized you are all that I will ever need
My life was always lopsided before you but now it is balanced out
You are forever all that I want and I bear that with no doubt

All of my broken pieces have been swept up and put back together
You did it without hesitation and that I will forever treasure
If I could have a thousand wishes, I would only need one
You are my one wish come true when all is said and done

At the end of the tunnel, you are my light shining ever so bright
My world has been lit up ever since I saw you so beautifully in my sight
Without you in my life it is nothing but a mess
With your presence and your love I am so very blessed

Above and beyond you have gone to make my every day
I will cherish you and your love forever for as long as you desire to stay
I hope you stay forever as forever would be ideal
It is bound to happen because our love has an endless seal

Amazing, wonderful, beautiful, and so much more you are to me
I cannot think of anyone else with whom I would ever rather be
Astonishing you are and when near you my heart is always pounding
You are my breath of fresh air when I feel as though I am drowning

Any and all tides, high or low, I only want you by my side
As long as we face everything together, our love will continually be our guide
So if you are in this with me for eternity as I have said I am above
Go on this journey with me, let’s get lost in this love


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