Our Love Lasts

When I first met you, I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight
But now that I think back, it was, I just had a case of fright
I remember doing anything to see you after school
Whether it was talking for a while or acting like a fool

You make me feel blithesome, splendid, and mirthful
You make my heart skip a beat, you’re amazing and beautiful
Whenever I’m around you, I trip over my feet and slur my words
It’d be a crime for me not to love you, it’s so absurd

You take my breath away, I get butterflies in my stomach
Whenever I am lost, I use your love as my compass
If I ever need a reason, you are mine to survive
Even in the hardships of every humans’ life

It takes a lot to steal my heart, but that you have accomplished
I will never leave you, I will stay forever, I promise
You make my day, make my week, make my year and month
I will give you anything and love you no matter what

You give me strength and courage and happiness and joy
A relationship too strong, no one can destroy
We can run away happy and free, as long as we’re together I’ll be filled with glee
Just so everybody knows that you belong to me, I will get your name tattooed on me

I love you in many ways, everyday you continue to amaze
Your love I continue to constantly crave, you shine down on me like the sun’s rays
When you’re around, it’s so hard to concentrate
My love forever, only you will confiscate

When I see you, your love and your beauty, I just can’t get enough of
You make me feel as though I am rich, not of money, but of love
Rich of love and of your beauty, all makes me a millionaire
Loving you is like breathing air, sometimes I just can’t help but stop and stare

Everything about you is so perfect to me, that I believe it is pure perfection
When we’re in public, our love is so real and must be infectious
You must be made of copper and tellurium
I think you are cute, but that is just my opinion

I’m feeling real love not just infatuation
I feel a unique sensation and have temptation
The feeling you evoke can’t be described with one word
The night I saw you out, all I can remember is you, the rest is all blurred

People ask to see the better part of me and that would be you
You are my better half, I need you to stay with me forever to enjoy the view
As long as you are truthful and honest, I will forever and ever always love you
You remind me of the waves of the ocean and the sky being so blue

If you would hold eleven roses in the mirror
Then twelve of the most beautiful things in the world would have appeared
You are a thief, you stole my heart in a short length of time
For me to steal yours would be the perfect crime

When I am in your arms, it is the happiest place
I am at my happiest and you, no one can replace
For you are unique and amazing in your own ways
I wish I could lay next to you for more than a couple days

My love has no limit, for it is unconditional
Your touch and your love is unforgettable
Whenever I’m not with you, I’m weak, not strong
Whenever you’re not around, I’m not right, I’m wrong

I wish that I could tell you how much I love you, but I’m afraid I cannot
I really just need you, but rather I maybe just want
If I were to be with you, my life would be lived full
You are not just one part of me, you are my whole world

Love is just a word till someone gives it meaning
That you have done and have left my eyes gleaming
All I have right now, and maybe forever, are the memories of our past
I, like many people, would do anything to ensure that our love lasts


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