Glimpse of Sunshine

It’s 10:32 on a Tuesday night and here I am thinking nonstop about you
I’m still not quite sure what it is that lures me to you, but I can’t say I dislike it
From the first time I heard your soft and tender voice to the time you were at my doorstep
I’ve been so astonished by your ability to take my breath away in so many ways

Three letters have evolved into remarkably more for me, I never thought I’d feel so strongly
My heart thrives when I think about you, and I crave so much more of you
I’ve gone above and beyond like never before, but it all seems worth it for you
I am compelled to open up more and more each time we’re together

Before I met you, my life was full of havoc, but now all of a sudden, it’s full of happiness
I don’t want to hold back anymore, straightforward is how I must be so that you don’t question
I’ve come a long way from when we first started talking, though it may not be noticeable to you
I’ve never been so vulnerable with anyone, I want to continue to break down my walls for you

When I told you of a gift I had acquired for you, you questioned how I remembered
Let me tell you, I would never forget anything that you tell me so of course I remembered
Yes, I know I tend to become nervous around you, slowly but surely my nerves are vanishing
To cope with my nerves, I laugh a lot, and that you have noticed already

Can I just mention that the feel of your skin against mine is sensational?
From the moment you first touched me to that night when you grabbed ahold of my hand
From the depths of my soul I felt an electric shock run through my body
And to say that I get butterflies is an understatement, I get swarmed by hundreds at a time

You warm my heart like a blazing sunset painted across the sky
If only I could see from your perspective out of your mesmerizing, crystal-like, paralyzing eyes
Rather than skipping a beat, my heart has many extra beats when we’re in the same vicinity
Yeah, I’m kind of crazy, crazy for you as well as about you, and that will not change

Every possible thing that can has engulfed me and I desire much more from you
Every part of me is affected by you, and I’m so much happier with you in my life
There’s nothing you could ever do to make these feelings go away, they’re here to stay
With all of the darkness in the world today, you are my glimpse of sunshine


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